The new Ableton Live 10 is now available

The new Ableton Live 10 version is available in three formats: Intro, Standard, and Suite.

The waiting is over! Finally, the new version of the popular music production software that was announced in November of last year has arrived, creating a great expectation among producers and musicians.

Ableton 10 comes with new and interesting updates aimed mainly to simplify the user experience, improve the functions of the program and more increase its speed due to its use of less CPU.

The users of the software will be able to enjoy the main library of sounds enriched with four new packages of synthesizers and percussions. In addition, the Live 10 includes its new jewel, the synthesizer called Wavetable; which allows users to access a variety of analog filters, waveforms derived from instruments, and modulation options.

Finally, Ableton 10 aims to encourage live presentations with its new extensions of Echo and Drum Buss delay effects, designed to process percussion through a pedal.