Enzo Siragusa coming to Barcelona

The 26th of May is to mark it in the calendar, because FACT Worldwide Events brings Enzo Siragusa to Barcelona, the well-known leader of the successful London collective, Fuse.

Enzo Siragusa has been playing as a DJ for over 20 years. His passion for electronic music began collecting vinyl and increased by attending the legendary London raves of the 90s. In them, he impregnated himself with its philosophy and learned the details that later reflected in his Fuse parties – now considered as one of the top events of the London scene.

The events of Fuse have been the best vitrine for the musical quality of Enzo. In them he is accompanied by a group of friends DJs, such as Seb Zito, Rosko and Richie NxT, among others – with whom he shares the good musical taste and vision of how to turn the party into a unique and unforgettable event. The Fuse parties began as a Sunday after-hours and over the years have become true ambassadors of London sound in clubs and renowned festivals.

In addition to his successful DJ career and the Fuse parties, Enzo manages the Fuse London and Infuse labels, in which he releases music by himself, Fuse artists and other producer names such as Archie Hamilton. The labels are the best diffusion channel for the characteristic sound of Fuse parties.

Enzo Siragusa’s visit to Barcelona has been highly anticipated, fortunately we will have the opportunity to enjoy his music and the sound of Fuse on May 26th at the Input Club.

Event Info > facebook.com/events/422163394797624/

Tickets > bit.ly/Siragusa_FACT