Berlin approves subsidy in aid of its clubs

The Berlin authorities have approved a subsidy of 1 million Euros to improve the noise protection of its clubs.

In recent years, the real estate industry has built in areas close to clubs that since its inception were isolated from the urban areas of the German capital. This has caused problems with neighbors by noise and discomfort that have led to the closure of about 170 clubs, according to Tages Spiegel sources.

As a solution to this problem, the authorities have approved a subsidy of 1 million Euros, which will be mainly aimed at improving sound insulation and making renovations of the premises, in order to improve the sound barriers in windows and outdoor areas.

Once again, the capital of techno gives us a good example of how the authorities’ understanding and respect for the techno culture make it possible to find solutions that favor their continuity and coexistence, in harmony with the quality of life of their inhabitants.