Ableton launches new website for beginner producers

If you are taking your first steps in music production you surely have tons of questions. That’s why Ableton has created a website to help beginner producers.

Producing your own music is very entertaining, but sometimes the process can be a bit complicated if you are not used to using the softwares, plugins and samples libraries that are available in the market.

If you are an Ableton user, you are lucky! Because the popular music production software launched an interactive website called ‘Learning Music’ to help its users to acquire the basic knowledge to produce electronic music.

In ‘Learning Music’ you can find 7 chapters with the fundamentals of music production with computers. There is also an interactive ‘lessons’ section that includes examples using known tracks as Beyoncé’s Single Ladies or Inner City’s ‘Good Life’.

This new learning platform is a good complement to the book Making Music—74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers released by Ableton in 2015.

So, now you have a new source of information to facilitate your creative processes to improve the quality of your music. Have fun!

Access Learning Music here