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Zeit Pool Party Barcelona
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Sunday 8th August

ZEIT #1 Vatos Locos OPENING

w/ Subb-ann, D'Julz, Hector, David Gtronic, Javi Sampol

Vatos Locos brand captained by Hector will be the opening star of ZEIT events. the man himself is gonna be joined by his partner in crime David GTronic, frenchman veteran D'Julz, One records' frontman Subb-ann and FACT resident Javi Sampol behind the decks. Such a solid line up for coming back properly at our favourite pool in the middle of summer.

Music Pool Series

Sunday 23th August

ZEIT #3 Next Wave

w/ Praslesh (Raresh B2b Praslea), Priku, Dan Andrei, Nima Gorji, HERR B2b Rick Maia

The new wave of rising stars from Romania will lead the pool party on second ZEIT event, showing their genuine character through a distinctive sound with genre leading DJ's B2b Praslesh, worldwide aclaimed romanian pioneer Raresh alogside Praslea, rising stars into romanian bubbling up soundscape Priku and Dan Andrei, iranian Nima Gorji and Rick Maia playing with Herr.

Music Pool Series

Sunday 30th August


w/ Kenny Larkin, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Mike Shannon, Rick Maia B2b Javi Sampol



TramBaix: T1 T2 & T3 / Metro stops: Can Rigal or Ca n'Oliveras

Music Pool Series